EVS #3 The Mid-term Meeting

Last article of our series about EVS (European Solidarity Corps) and today I want to tell you about the Mid-Term Meeting (and not ‘training’) ! By the time you arrive to this point, most of your EVS experience had happened already, and most probably without you noticing. It’s a little bit sad but good things have to end sometimes. You’ll meet some of the people you met on the On-arrival training, some new ones as well, and some people you’ve met will already be home. It’s quite an emotional moment, to see again all those faces you haven’t seen for a few months, discuss what has happened, to notice also the changes of opinions and evolution of situations. Or not. Some people never change 🙂

When you go to the Mid-Term Meeting, your EVS will be either half-way, either almost finished, or, somewhere in between. So, what will you do then ? What can you expect from the MTM ?

  • More inspiration for your last months 

By the time you arrive to your MDM, most of your ESC (EVS) experience is already behind you. If you’re a normal person, you will probably experience some regrets, some doubts, from not doing everything you were planning on doing, or on the contrary be proud of your accomplishments! In my session for example, most of the volunteers were disappointed with their language skills, and some of them were critic about their personnal project. One of the exercice we did was actually to read a letter we wrote to ourselves during the On Arrival Training, so more or less six months before. As for me, everything happened the way I planned it not to happen. I wrote : Ingrid, don’t get too excited, try to focus on your objectives, learning russian language as the first one. Well, obviously, I got too excited and my level of russian is still very low. But reading this letter was a way to remind ourselves what was our plan, and maybe readjust our path before the experience was over. I remember people saying, well, there’s only one month left, what’s the point? People, one month is a really long time – when you’re going on holiday for a week, you try to make the most out of it, right? So, imagine what you could achieve in a month! 

  • Reflexion on what’s next

That’s a big one. The toughest question of all. « What’s your plan for next year? ». It’s like. I have. no. clue. HELP! This one-year experience is a difficult one to connect to anything else. You spend a year abroad volunteering – but you can’t go on volunteering afterwards, unless you find another program that suits you, which is what a lot of people try to do actually. But volunteering programs as well organized as the ESC are hard to get. You may also want to go back to your own country – but have no place to go but your parents’ house (not always a very easy situation). And you experienced a lot during a year, which was an opportunity to open so many doors for your future professional carreer. But then, with that many doors open, where to go? Everything seems nice. Travelling more? Volunteering? Making money? Do something new? Continue doing the same? Where should you go? What should you do? Personnaly, I had no plan. Turns out: most of the people don’t either. Which is why it’s nice to share about your ideas and options during your MDM.

  • everything you experienced during the OAT 

The Mid-term meetings are usually conducted the same way as the On-Arrival Training. There will be learning through non-formal education, sharing through peer-to-peer support, nice food, nice energizers, nice people to meet and to discuss with during coffee breaks. It’s really an enjoyable moment for everybody and a good opportunity to just have a break in general, so, don’t forget to enjoy it! 🙂 

During one of the activity, we had to explore Kiev we some tasks, like taking a photo with something traditionnal, then we found those musicians 🙂

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