50 Jours Ensemble

« 50 Jours Ensemble » est un recueil de 50 dessins racontant mon quotidien confiné à Roussé, en Bulgarie, pendant la crise du Covid-19. Réalisée avec les moyens du bord et non sans humour, cette collection n’a pas de prétention artistique particulière … Continuer de lire 50 Jours Ensemble

An Emotional Bouquet

From September 2018 to July 2019, I was doing a European Voluntary Service in Minsk, Belarus. One of my mission was to create interactive activities for their National Art Museum. « An Emotional Bouquet » is a collection of emotions towards the exhibition « Contemporaries of the 20th Century. Centenary of the Belarusian Portrait« . I asked people to send me their impressions and gathered them in the shape of a catalogue. In the museum, visitors were then invited to read and compare their own feelings with people from different culture and background. My inspiration for this work comes from the artistic installation « Miroir(s) » … Continuer de lire An Emotional Bouquet

Rapport #ENV4Env 2019

In April 2019 I launched the project « European Network of Volunteers for the Environment – #ENV4Env« . The idea was to create the possibility for European volunteers, who are enrolled in different EVS (now ESC) projects all around the continent, to virtually meet each other and act together. On 5th of June 2019, World Environment Day, 12 volunteers from different nationalities organized 8 actions. I created this report to promote this project and have a nice memory of this day. Continuer de lire Rapport #ENV4Env 2019