#Bulgaria – Discovering Ruse region

For my first article as a professional-writer (yes, you can now hire me and, even cooler, pay me to write stuffs for you) I thought I would write about my new life in Bulgaria as a French teacher. Yes, you read correctly : I am now a French teacher. I know, I know, for those who know me for quite some time it can be a bit surprising as « becoming a teacher » was definitely on my « NOT-TO-DO list » (it’s a thing) for as much time as I can remember. But, you know, turning 25 can make your head crazy annnd here I am.

Nevertheless, today I decided to not tell you about this crazy, emotional, tiring, creative experience as right now I am still struggling with a « love/hate relationship » concerning my new job, new job that is actually an internship but that’s another question. Today is only tuesday and I am already kind of exhausted so, let’s talk about something more relaxing and enjoyable : landscapes, nature, and Bulgaria, more precisely the Ruse region.

I’m living in Bulgaria for a bit more than three weeks already, in a city called Ruse, located in the very north of the country, right on the Danube river, at the border with Romania. It’s the 5th city of Bulgaria according to the number of inhabitants but it is true that the city is quite small, especially compared to Minsk if not compared to Paris. A few days ago, I met a few Erasmus and Bulgarian students – well, ex-students for some of them – thanks to ESN Ruse organization. Someone heard about a day-trip to the countryside organized by Ruse GO, a local organization of sports and nature lovers.

After a few weeks spent struggling with my new lifestyle – going to bed at 11pm as if I were twelve years old, not going out at night because I have class in the morning, working on my freetime to prepare my future classes and so on – I definitely needed to socialize and have some fresh air. So, obviously, I was very happy to join this excursion! We took an old-school Bulgarian train (my favourite) to Tabachka and then walked in the direction of a village named Pepelina.

The goal was to reach Pepelina’s church which obviously made me even happier and enjoy the beautiful rocky-landscapes following the Cherni Lom river. Pepelina means « ashes » in Bulgarian because, as the legend goes, when one man’s daughter passed away, the father was so sad, he decided to rename the village in something very grey and very sad – ashes. As for the river, « cherni » means black, and « lom », something related to scrap or fractured, if that makes sence. Actually, going there we feel like we are on top of a mountain, when in reality it is the river which digged the rock so much that now it is on a very low level. Interesting, right? Now, enough talking, it’s photo time 🙂

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this article let me know somehow 🙂 Have a nice day and see you soon for more Bulgarian adventures!

9 réflexions sur “#Bulgaria – Discovering Ruse region

  1. Dear Ingrid, thank you for joining our hiking group last weekend!
    It was very interesting to look at our country through your eyes.
    I’ve enjoined this article. You’ll become a good writer.
    I hope to see you again by some new adventures with Ruse-Go.
    George Penchev


  2. Hi Ingrid,you have posted a very fresh story here.I read it with pleasure and interest.I think you will also need a translator or you have to learn Bulgarian faster in order to tell your experiences in Bulgarian.Do you remember the words I tauht you? :))


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